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Beat Bertschinger

Beat Bertschinger has been a wealth management partner at swisspartners AG in Zurich since December 2016. His role mainly involves looking after the affairs of Swiss clients. He began his career at Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (SKA), the forerunner to Credit Suisse, where he worked for a total of 17 years including his apprenticeship, with five years in private banking. Beat subsequently spent another 17 years, also in private banking, at Bank Julius Baer. Having spent more than 22 years as a relationship manager for private clients, Beat was convinced that the advisory service offered by swisspartners, which is independent of any individual bank, was a compelling reason to switch employers. While banks are certainly key partners for wealth managers, for example in their role as custodian banks, advice should be independent and provided in the interests of existing or prospective clients rather than serving the needs of the bank itself.

«At swisspartners, I have found a strong partner and a working environment that suits me. I can swap notes with colleagues and, thanks to our good working relationships with banks, I have access to all the information I need without being under any pressure to push particular products. The associated business is another benefit. swisspartners Group offers expertise in additional services such as fiduciary advice, tax consultancy, life insurance and pensions, as well as inheritance law solutions, which I can also offer to my clients if required.»

And what about Beat’s work/life balance? Together with his partner, who runs a practice in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Beat winds down by enjoying a glass of fine wine from their own wine cellar. Away from work, Beat also relaxes by going skiing, playing golf or on long hikes in the countryside.


Beat Bertschinger, Partner