The art of finance – we are an independent financial services boutique with offices in Zurich, Vaduz and Geneva. Our way of thinking and acting is entrepreneurial, sustainable and appreciative at all times.


The consistent focus of our daily work on the well-being of our clients only works due to a great deal of team spirit, major commitment and appreciation. As a small, globally active company, swisspartners maintains a close-knit corporate culture with a flat hierarchy and rapid flow of information based on team spirit.

swisspartners offers all employees the freedom to contribute and implement their own interests and skills. Career goals can be achieved through entrepreneurial thinking, personal development discussions and continuous professional development.

We look to the future with responsibility and purpose as a team of equal partners.


“Values can only be preserved through change.”
Richard Löwenthal

Our corporate culture is based on five values that describe who we are, what we stand for and what we achieve.


We treat others with respect and appreciation.

Video: WALKINGFRAMES – “The art of respect”


We support our staff and clients as trustworthy partners.

Video: Erik Righetti – “The art of trust”


We encourage the development of every single member of staff and their own personality.

Video: I AM ONO – “The art of personalization”


With team spirit at our core, we are dynamic and consistent in pursuing our goals.

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Innovation is our philosophy: we seize opportunities and strive for continuous development.

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