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Art is important.

According to the Art Market Report 2019 from Art Basel, the global art market grew by 6% last year, reaching $67.4 billion. In the decade between 2008 and 2018, the total value increased by 9%[1]. 16% of HNW collectors spent more than $1 million on works of art from 2016 to 2018[2]. Collecting art is deeply personal and, for most collectors, is driven by passion and the goal of creating a legacy. It is also considered a tool for diversifying a client’s assets, as we learn in the 2019 market report. Previous reports have also noted that billionaires’ holdings of art average 0.5% of their net worth, which could extend to 10% or even more for some major and passionate collectors. [3]

As part of the broader swisspartners Art Team, swisspartners Marcuard Heritage focuses on individual HNW and UHNW collectors, supporting our clients throughout the entire process of collecting works of art. Our clients always benefit from our aim of working towards finding solutions for the collections, which are aligned with their overall asset strategy.

Our art management services include the following:

Structuring collections

Based on individual needs we work together with professional experts to establish the most appropriate asset holding structures for our clients, including the establishment and management of trusts, foundations, holding companies and other tools. We provide holistic solutions for estate and succession planning, as well as charitable purposes giving that addresses the specific issues related to art collections. We always recommend that clients take local advice in their respective home jurisdiction. On this basis we work together with lawyers and tax advisors to implement the most appropriate structure.

Collection management

Thanks to our in-house experts and broad network of internationally renowned specialists we coordinate advice for the client in deciding the appropriate strategy for managing the collection. We offer a range of essential professional collection management services, such as cataloguing, data management for our clients and arranging condition reports using state of the art technology. If required, we make arrangements for restorations. As part of the general inventory process we organize periodic valuations of the works. We also support our clients with the facilitation of financing opportunities.

Art handling, storage and logistics

Using our international network we evaluate recommendations for art insurance, art transport and arrange secure and optimal storage solutions for works of art. We also offer customs handling and VAT declarations as part of our logistics services. We co-ordinate and oversee comprehensive relocation projects involving works of art.

Acquisition and sales of works

As part of the sales and acquisition process we make sure that all relevant documentation is available for the works, offer provenance and art historical research and ensure that all transactions are compliant with the specific AML and KYC requirements. We provide pre-market information on prices and sales locations. In addition, we assist in finding the optimal financing solutions for art works.

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Geralda Kral, Partner
swisspartners Marcuard Heritage AG


Caroline Bennett-Akkaya, Partner
swisspartners Marcuard Heritage AG


Réka Kovàts, Art Services Coordinator
swisspartners Marcuard Heritage AG


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[2] The Art Market 2019, Report by Claire Mc Andrew, Art Basel and UBS (p. 22), based on a survey of 600 individual HNW collectors.

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