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Supporting your business adventures

For more than two decades, swisspartners has had the excitement and satisfaction of advising dynamic entrepreneurs in a wide range of businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur, you will find that at swisspartners, we understand both the challenges and the rewards of starting and growing a business. We have come to recognise what drives entrepreneurs: they are usually passionate, adaptable and determined; often, they are not afraid to take risks. And turning to swisspartners means those risks can be better evaluated and averted as you work towards your ambitions.

Invaluable advice for realising your dreams

Providing a holistic service across borders, our specialists help you realise your financial goals, both personal and company-related. We analyse precisely what you need, and assist you in setting up and maintaining the investment and company structures that work best for you. And we stay with you as your business flourishes and changes, providing personalised support and sector-specific advice.

We advise you on everything from establishment of a business to realising new ideas, and on to exit and succession planning, considering tax advantages and international legal constraints in everything we do.

Working together

Wherever your vision takes you, we provide a close and supportive relationship with invaluable specialist advice all in one place. For many entrepreneurs, work and life is a blend, so we work with you rather than for you, helping you make the right choices on every step of your journey.

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