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The art of wealth structuring

Tailor-made solutions to protect your wealth

Significant private wealth needs careful, customized planning and structuring. Such wealth may consist of financial assets as well as real estate, private equity investments, collections, patents – anything with a current or future value. Great consideration should be taken when those assets are located in different global centres, and when your family might also be living in several countries – or even continents.

It is very important that we explore your current situation in detail with you to make the best, individualised recommendations for wealth planning, wealth preservation and wealth structuring. The wealth structuring options at our disposal include trusts and foundations, Swiss and international holding companies, life insurance, private label funds and also charities and other philanthropic projects. A combination of these will make the difference and will create intelligent, compliant and sustainable solutions for our clients.

We do not seek nor create problems, rather we solve them.

We aim to simplify any complex investment and legal structures you already have in place. And we make sure that every financial adviser involved with you has access to the same information, so that your financial affairs are transparent and well-organised. We ensure control and integrity of information. We are highly motivated and put you and your family’s interests at the heart of our work.


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