The second issue of the redesigned Partners’ View covers a highly relevant topic: stability and security.

What is the significance of stability and security for financial services, politics and society? Adrian Hasler, who is a member of the Board of Directors of swisspartners AG, Liechtenstein,  provides thought-provoking answers to this question in this issue’s editorial. Dr Martin Meyer, swisspartners Group’s new Chairman since May 31, 2021, talks about the advantages  provided by Switzerland, the safety of investments in turbulent times and the importance of prioritising our clients’ needs in our interview with him.

Our CIO, Peter Ahluwalia analyses the spectre of inflation while Stefan Bischofberger of swisspartners Insurance explains the benefits of insurance as an investment option for wealthy private clients. Vanessa Burkart, our Partner responsible for managing our Human Resources draws the conclusion that there can be no security for our clients without our people. In a similar vein, this issue’s WHO IS? features another key member of the swisspartners team.

By the way, Partners’ View is now available in print as well as in an online version. We would be happy to send you your own personal copy: To request one, just email us at

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Markus Wintsch
CEO of swisspartners Group