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Konstantin Wyser

Konstantin Wyser has now worked in wealth management for 20 years. Before joining swisspartners in 2017, he worked for Swiss financial services company VermögensZentrum and then at UBS. At swisspartners, he has headed up the Financial Planning unit for two years, where he is responsible for all aspects of wealth planning and structuring. Even though he has spent so many years in the industry, Konstantin is as motivated as ever. In his view, his work is first and foremost about people. «I support people – individuals and whole families – across various phases of life from childhood to old age.» Konstantin’s main strength is his comprehensive expertise.  He covers the whole spectrum of financial planning, including issues relating to assets, estate planning, mortgages and tax considerations. Working with people is what Konstantin enjoys most about his role, explaining that «this is what motivates me day in, day out.» He will make sure you are in good hands.


Konstantin Wyser, Partner
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