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The art of real estate

Investments in property have proven to be extremely popular and resilient in times of low interest rates and unsteady markets. Many of our clients are diversifying and increasingly investing in real estate projects. This means they require reliable, efficient and modern real estate management services that provide maximum levels of sustainability and return.

In line with these client requirements, we have extended our comprehensive range of Family Office services to include swisspartners real estate management* so that we can offer you a dependable, all-round service package.

Real estate management means more to us than managing buildings:

As of 1 July 2019, we will act as your competent partner in all commercial, legal, technical and infrastructure issues relating to your property. We offer a wide range of services for managing your property including finance, repairs, administration, modifications, maintenance, security and marketing. We know how to conserve the value of your property.

Our services are as multi-faceted as our customers:

We offer bespoke service packages for private and institutional clients. Based on our wide-ranging experience, we not only maintain and conserve the value of your property, but also keep an eye on operating costs and energy consumption. Our competent staff are on hand to provide you with their comprehensive expertise. You will also benefit from our extended network of tradesmen and service providers.

Depending on your requirements, we can take care of the financing, rental, administration, accounting, value conservation and insurance of your building, allowing you to concentrate on other things.

What we offer:

1. Property finance and investment

  • swisspartners mortgage offers
  • Portfolio and asset management
  • Direct real estate investments

2. Rental/administration

  • A point of contact for your property as direct key account holder
  • Ongoing administrative activities (rental management)
  • Asset management and control
  • Regular reporting
  • Long-term value conservation and property development
  • Individual support based on clear proposals for solutions
  • Monitoring energy consumption and working out potential for optimisation
  • Fault fixing and minor repairs
  • Maintenance and inspection control
  • Optimisation of operating costs
  • Pool of tradesmen
  • Trustee function for refurbishment/renovation

3. Legal support

  • General legal frameworks for buying/selling
  • Tenancy law
  • Residential property law
  • Land register law
  • Real estate tax law

 4. Property valuation

  • Property valuation using national and international methods

 5. Sales/purchase mediation

 The focus is on you as the owner and client. We will look after your property with the utmost care to achieve maximum levels of sustainability and return.

Your real estate contacts:

Monika Bieler, Manager
Federally Licensed Real Estate


Caroline Schmid, Partner
Family Office Services


Konstantin Wyser, Partner
Financial Planning, Mortgages


*Real estate management is the holistic, sustainable and life cycle-oriented management of property, particularly the administration, rental and marketing of property aimed at optimising long-term use of the property resource throughout its life time.