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ONE by swisspartners is the solution to an increasingly complex environment and the ever-more challenging issues faced when providing individual strategy consultancy and support to wealthy families and private clients.

Our independent service offers a platform for consolidating assets in a comprehensive and digitalised form – in tandem with targeted analyses of asset allocation and wealth structuring.

This modular service is completely separate from wealth management and is subdivided into three conceptual areas.

Firstly, we consolidate the client’s overall wealth situation including non-bankable assets such as real estate, artworks, cars or watch collections in our ALL-in-ONE report.

The structuring process involves unravelling complicated family wealth and assets and presenting the respective ownership situation. We use an encrypted software solution to illustrate the current situation in a transparent and cross-generational form. Besides the option of digital structuring, this software solution offers a secure facility for storing information and documents. The client obtains electronic access to the storage facility and can pass on keys as required. For example, he or she can allow a lawyer or tax advisor to view the data and documents that are relevant to them. The platform is based on zero-knowledge encryption, which ensures that access to any sensitive data is only available to those who are authorised.

Finally, the core component of ONE by swisspartners is our independent analysis of global asset allocation. Once again, clients can choose the areas of analysis that are of interest to them. We can also take charge of aspects such as performance monitoring, cost control relating to custodian banks, products or even foreign exchange transactions. Moreover, we will check compliance with the required allocation ranges and any applicable restrictions. The whole service is rounded off by a range of additional analyses to choose from, such as a property development concept or a collection strategy.



ONE by swisspartners combines our longstanding expertise and skills across various areas to offer genuine added value.

Would you like to find out more? All you have to do is contact us. We look forward to discussing your needs in detail and meeting you in person.


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CEO, Partner


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ONE by swisspartners


Marco Di Canio
Relationship Manager

ONE by swisspartners

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