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swisspartners presents: The art of personalization.

For over a quarter of a century, swisspartners has been serving its customers as a neutral, independent financial services provider. “Assets in trusted hands” has been our mission headline since our founding in the year 1993. And independence, expertise and integrity have been the core values on which our success and that of our discerning clients has been built since the very

We believe that an individual is much more than just a person – its all the stories that go with that person. That is the way how we care for our clients.

The movie is made by I AM ONO.

Formed in Berlin in 2017, the design-driven Director’s Duo IAM ONO creates handcrafted, three-dimensional worlds that trigger all senses. Their commissioned and independent artworks are used in the areas of art, fashion, film and photography.

Inspired by architecture, nature and art, their imaginative and progressive designs enthuse clients like Google, Warner Bros., BMW or Nike. Maintaining a positive balance between boldness and sensitivity, conceptual strength and high creativity, their characteristic contemporary creations show a highly modernist view oft the world.

In times of digital perfectionism, IAM ONO’s tangible works represent a sensual and sophisticated materiality. Their combination of various materials, their development of different shapes, their use of innovative textures and energetic colours turn everyday substances like wood, fabric or acryl into highly original sculptural artworks and thus into fascinating moving and still images.

ONE by swissparnters

Your Wealth at a Glance.

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