partners' view

In these difficult times, our aim in the May edition of partners’ view is to examine issues that can help you and your family to enjoy many – or many more as the case may be – years of well-earned retirement. Pension provision, succession planning and inheritance matters are key aspects in this regard. For more on this, we refer you to the articles by Nathalie Rickli, Fiduciary Services Switzerland, and David Sykes, Cintia Amoros, Andreas Hadjimichael, Anastis Nikolau sowie Lucia Luchetti und Evelyn Tay, swisspartners Marcuard Heritage Group (Switzerland, Cyprus and Singapore) in this month’s publication.

But we at swisspartners like to explore this issue in a little more depth. In his commentary piece, Marco di Canio asks readers to think about their personal investment philosophy. What do your values, beliefs and life goals mean for the investment decisions that we can take together? We aim to find answers to these questions as part of an active dialogue with you.

Elsewhere, we look at the uncertainties of the current crisis. We won’t know what the upturn will look like until it has actually arrived. But the recovery will pass by those who are not prepared. What may appear sensible today may not seem as wise even tomorrow. In his piece, Peter Ahluwalia shines a light in the darkness in an attempt to resolve these conflicting forces.

In our «Who is…» feature, we introduce you to Ewa Senti. Ewa has been working in a senior sales support role in the insurance department since June 2018. Advisory services and conflict resolution are Ewa’s specialist fields, where she makes every effort to ensure that even the most difficult cases are resolved.

Details on this and other related topics can be found in our latest edition of partners’ view.

We hope that you find this publication a stimulating read!