partners' view

Achieving a balance between family and business can prove to be tricky. In this edition of Partners’ View we look at the challenges faced by family businesses when it comes to corporate governance.

In the article by Dr. Christian Rockstroh, we examine the specific issues of succession planning – a field in which swisspartners draws on a wealth of experience, working in tandem with Marcuard Heritage AG – and the differences between family and corporate governance, which can in some circumstances spark conflicts of interest.

If the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin is to be believed, nothing in this world can be said to be certain except death and taxes. Taxes are also in the news in Switzerland in view of the corporate tax reform that is set to come into force from 1 January 2020 onwards illustrated by the text of our Swiss fiduciary unit Beat Sonderegger, Nathalie Rickli und Philippe Knecht. Among the changes this will entail are the abolition of cantonal tax privileges and an increase in the tax on dividends. In this context, swisspartners Financial Planning provides a comprehensive service offering in the tax planning space.

In the international arena, the US in particular is hitting the headlines, with the possible impeachment of Donald Trump the number one story. The president’s popularity is gradually waning even within the ranks of his own Republican party. Meanwhile the ongoing trade tensions are rarely out of the news for long, to be read in the article by Peter Ahluwalia.

And in our new category «Who is?» we introduce you in this edition Christian Dietsche.
He superseded Markus Wintsch as head of asset management at swisspartners in early November, when he also became a member of the Group Managing Board. Authenticity is his trademark – he is completely dedicated to his customers.

Details on this and other related topics can be found in our latest edition of partners’ view.