partners' view

The new edition of Partners’ View is being published as we enter the dark months of autumn and winter, in an environment defined by political imponderables and a renewed escalation of the global health crisis. At swisspartners, we are facing these times with a sense of innovation, realism and optimism.

Innovation: We have developed a new service called ONE by swisspartners – which is a solution to increasingly challenging issues relating to strategy consultancy and support to wealthy families and private clients. Our independent service offers a platform for consolidating assets in a comprehensive and digitalised form – in tandem with targeted analyses of asset allocation and wealth structuring. The ONE team, Markus Wintsch, CEO swisspartners Group, Thomas Künzle and Marco Di Canio, provide a detailed explanation of this new offering.

Realism: The colleagues at swisspartners Trust & Corporate Services in Singapore, Cyprus and Switzerland contemplate the current trends in fund structures in their article, with a spotlight on Singapore funds and alternative investment funds in Cyprus. Ljiljana Weibel (Fiduciary Services Switzerland) investigates how exactly Brexit will affect bilateral relations between the UK and Switzerland, while guest contributor Kevin Bürchler (Swiss Insurance Partners AG) highlights the topic of health insurance when moving abroad or to Switzerland.

Optimism: Peter Ahluwalia (CIO, Partner) provides a positive outlook for the longer term. He outlines why he thinks equities are only in the middle of their rally, which suggests that the losers in the pandemic will outperform, and why we may be poised for a boom in consumer spending and travel. His article ends as follows: “In the very immediate term, we as individuals are probably feeling somewhat depressed.” But as the lines of a well-known song suggest, it won’t be too long before the future’s so bright that we’ll have to wear shades.

In our “Who is…?” feature, we introduce you to Marco Di Canio, who joined the Wealth Management team at swisspartners on 1 August 2019. What he likes most about swisspartners is the focus on providing a personal service to clients to their utmost satisfaction. With this in mind, Marco supports his clients in all matters relating to wealth planning. Since the middle of this year, he has also been working in the ONE by swisspartners team.

We hope that you find this publication a stimulating read!