As the title “Focus: People” suggests, the September 2022 edition of Partners’ View is all about people.

The financial industry can be as innovative as it likes – developing new products, digital customer portals and automated investment processes – but there is nothing that can replace personal consultations, from one human to another. That’s the only way for us to gain insight into our customers’ minds, their hopes and their worries.

For management author and leadership expert Reinhard K. Sprenger, too, it is people that make all the difference. In our exclusive interview, he discusses the ideological return to the three Cs: “customers”, “collaboration” and “creativity”.

Christian Dietsche, CEO Wealth Management, always keeps people’s needs in mind. We’ve interviewed him for our WHO IS column this time around.

Vanessa Burkart and Pascal Schmohl show us that corporate health management is something everyone can enjoy. And swisspartners’ work with various charity projects is another source of joy.

“The only constant is change”, says Peter Ahluwalia, Chief Investment Officer, as he takes a look at future developments in the financial markets.

With that in mind: stay agile and happy reading!

Markus Wintsch
CEO swisspartners Group

By the way, Partners’ View is also available in print. We would be happy to send you your own personal copy: To request one, just email us at marketing@swisspartners.com.