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Our commitment to family continuity

The Swiss financial world has long had a reputation among global clients for excellent performance and high-quality service in a uniquely stable environment. As part of that domain, swisspartners is no exception. Many of our partners have had decades of experience working with wealthy families, providing top-notch advice, always with loyalty and commitment.

Where tradition meets today

We understand the world you move in, particularly when your family is scattered over several countries or continents, and our support marries modern wealth management with traditional understanding and discretion.

For us, the secret to successfully managing your family wealth is collaboration: we help you make plans for now and for the future. This includes providing you with well-informed recommendations on exploring investment options to build your portfolio, specialist tax advice, plus setting up and managing a range of trusts. In financial matters, we bring everything together to make the very best of a complex situation.

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you: you can be as hands-on – or as detached – as you like. And, while our relationship with you grows and changes with your family, our focus is always on enhancing the performance of your assets.

Saving and giving, now and tomorrow

Choosing the right social causes to support is often very important to high-profile families. We can provide advice to help match you with the best recipients for your philanthropy – for the benefit of wider society.

We can also help bring the family together to understand its businesses, investments and charitable giving. This includes preparing the next generation for their responsibilities and challenges in managing the family’s wealth.

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