25 years swisspartners – swisspartners – The art of finance

For 25 years on the path of success

For more than a quarter of a century, swisspartners has been serving its customers as a neutral, independent financial services provider. “Assets in trusted hands” has been our motto already since our founding in the year 1993. And since the very beginning, independence, professional competence and integrity have been the core values ​​on which our success and that of our discerning clients has been built.

It takes experience and sophisticated skills to guide clients through the different stages of their lives and to generate added value for them. We call it the “The art of finance”.

Since its foundation 25 years ago, swisspartners has developed from a traditional Swiss-  and Lichtenstein based asset manager to a comprehensive international financial services provider in order to adapt to the dynamically changing underlying conditions.

Today, in the 25th year of its existence, swisspartners has more than 100 employees who look after 2,000 mandates and assets in worth of 5.4 billion Swiss francs. Thanks to the strategic alignment of services across generations, as well as a modern organizational and governance structure, swisspartners is well positioned to continue providing the best possible service to its growing customer base.

swisspartners services are grounded in four core values: trust, professional competence, continuity and quality. The trust of our customers encourages us to continue on our well proven path and through our expertise to ensure continuing quality. Because “The art of finance” is not just a motto – it is our promise.

We thank you for your accompanying us on this long journey with your valuable competence. Also in the future, and with your assistance as our partner, we will do our utmost to live up to these values while continuing to offer our international clients financial services of the highest standard.